How it works

NanoMug technology

NanoMugs are multifunctional nanoparticles, intrinsically glycosylated, mucoadhesive and able to incorporate drugs.

The one pot synthesis method allows to obtain completely functional nanoparticles within approximately 12 hours (lab scale).

In one single product NanoMugs enclose a triple effect:

  • Persistence in the site of infection because mucoadhesive. NanoMugs are able to adhere to mucus because made of the same substance of mucus.
  • Bacterial and viral engagement by glycan-mediated binding. NanoMugs expose sugars on their surface through which engage to pathogens glycoproteins.
  • Targeted drug delivery and release; molecules with different molecular weight, charge and chemistry can be efficiently loaded during the synthesis. Drugs can be released over time because not covalently bonded to NanoMugs.
Infectious disease: new strategies to fight pathogens

New strategies
to fight pathogens

Infectious disease represents a stubborn and major public-health problem all over the world. To worsen the situation is the spreading of antimicrobial resistance which hamper the effective prevention and treatment of a wide range of infections.

It is estimated that deaths and costs due to infectious diseases will continue to rise in the coming decades.

The most effective defensive line against infectious diseases resides in vaccination. However, this option is not always available, and the development of a new vaccine requires an enormous amount of time and money.

We need new strategies to fight pathogens and better ways to efficiently deliver new or existing drugs.


Biologically relevant


Killer application

We offer a minimum viable product that can initially be thought of as a product that can be used by inhalation. But we can heal further.

Thanks to the presence of carbohydrates, NanoMug can also have an application in the antitumor and immune fields.

This aspect makes NanoMug a “cross product”, usable in different medical treatments.

For these reasons, the NanoMugs could be interesting for potential investors who find in a single product the possibility of ranging in multiple therapeutic fields.


The reference market and the competitive landscape of NanoMug is that of drug delivery systems for example for inhalatory and pulmonary applications.

Within a market with a growth rate of approx. 5%, a product with NanoMug characteristics would allow a clear positioning of the technology as an innovative synergy between nano systems and glycomimetic drugs.

Furthermore, based on a benchmark with the principal competitors and protein-based nano systems on the market, NanoMug can have incomparable advantages in terms of cost.

Possible applications

Drug delivery to counteract bacterial and viral infectious diseases Drug delivery to counteract bacterial and viral infectious diseases
Drug repositioning of existing drugs for new therapeutic purposes Drug repositioning of existing drugs for new therapeutic purposes
Molecular imaging Molecular imaging
Vaccines Vaccines